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Finding Inspiration and Motivation

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  • Finding Inspiration and Motivation

    Of late, I am finding it hard to do my usual daily activities, like studying or working or even just doing my art work.

    How can I get that little spark to kindle the fire again?

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    I feel the same sometimes. Like this morning, I woke up feeling so lazy to work. But I have to work anyway and the procrastinatory feeling is gone within the first few minutes of my work shift. I am now looking forward to drawing a bath and reading a few chapters of my newly downloaded e-book. Pushing myself and rewarding is what works best for me.

    But then, if this is not a case of Mondays and you really need to kindle the fire with your work and art, I found this article that mentioned really good tips. We are all different. I hope you will find something that will help you bring back the fire.


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      Same feeling. I have been through a lot during this pandemic and most of the time I feel like I just want to do nothing. What helps me get out of bed is my alarm where it says "Baby's Meds". My baby was born with congenital heart disease and I feel responsible for her health and safety. So even if I feel so down and lazy, whenever my alarm goes off, I suddenly have a reason to move, stand and go on with life.
      Maybe you can also find something that affects you greatly like "walk with my dog" or "call mom/dad" or whatever it is that interests you. 🥰🥰🥰


      • Kamille
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        Family really is the brightest fire that can light up our day and get us moving. Warm blessings to you and your baby

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      I don't even look for that spark anymore. Sometimes, it feels like I work because it is better than staying at home the whole day doing nothing and not earnign anything.


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        well, when motivation is in the lowest and my depression is getting a bit too loud to be manageable, I tend to do some things to get off of it.

        1. Listen to battle music, heck, watch something that blows my mind like a nice movie or something. Inspiration generally hooks from extreme emotions such as fear, anxiety, other transmutables.
        2. Imagine the people who have damaged me hard, saying good riddance, joyous of my early demise or indefinite stagnation. I then remember that I don't want them to have the last laugh.
        3. On the other hand, I remember that the will of my earlier passed loved ones and their memory lives with me -- and this goes for my pets too (idk, pets that passed away hit me hard) -- and if I fade away not fighting, I'm not doing their fights for life justice.
        4. Doing something radical and very new -- like a game out of my genre, a hobby i dont really know anything about, a niche I lack experience with.
        5. Jordan Peterson's two way motivation: let the worst push you from behind and your possible best pull you forward. You fight to get away from the worst case scenario of your situation and fight on towards the best case scenario.
        6. One "measure of time" at a time. It gets daunting if we think of the past or the possible future too much. Find the flow.


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          It's actually comforting to know that I am not alone. I feel the same way and was really thinking if it is normal or am I already going through a mental breakdown. I agree with you Bjun, when you think about it, it's actually better to work than to slack off and waste the day. It's just a matter of looking and finding time to do something that will inspire and bring back your motivation.

          In the midst of this pandemic, it is our #1 priority to take care of our physical health and mental health. This article has a list of tips that could help us find our motivation.

          Hope it helps! We'll all get through this!
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          • Skye
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            Just knowing that I am not alone is a great comfort. Let there be comfort and strength in numbers.

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          My eldest daughter is doing some arts and crafts at the moment and it keeps her busy. She doesn't complain that much anymore. 😁😁😁 After her online class, she goes on tinkering and I guess it helps with her boredom. I think it's for her school org as they are planning to raise money for something. It's a relief to see my children do something productive and they enjoy at the same time. I appreciate the school's effort to make things a bit normal during this pandemic. When I see my children lonely and hear them complain, it hits me hard and it makes me feel bad as a parent. So seeing them able to do something and actually enjoy, it's a blessing.