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Is Loneliness Becoming a Public Health Issue?

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    I haven't spent more than an hour with my nephew since the start of this pandemic because his parents are very protective of him. Kids are one of the most vulnerable to covid and in addition to that, he has very weak lungs. So I understand his parents fully. Recently, I've had a conversation with him and felt his loneliness and frustration because he can't even hug his extended family or spend a day with us. For the past years, he always wished for toys or computer game credits as gifts for Christmas. But this year, he told me that all he wanted is for this pandemic to end and to finally spend a normal day with all his family and friends.

    Remember to check on your kids from time to time. Loneliness for an extended period of time also causes mental health conditions and might affect their future.


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      I saw this article from YouGov ( Do you agree with this? take note that this survey is conducted in the US with a sample size of 1,249. Millennials are the loneliest even before the pandemic and the report stated that loneliness has worsened because of our current state. As compared to the Baby boomers and GenX, what could be the reason for Millenials to feel worse and have it more difficult to maintain social connection? As a millennial myself, I could say that social media has a huge effect on a person's social interactions and satisfaction. How about you guys? based on your personal experience, what do you think?


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        The young ones probably feel "lonelier" because their social life was nipped at the bud when the lockdowns were enforced. Even if they are now more free to roam about, there is still that think hanging over their heads that they might contract the virus or bring home the virus.

        Us, older people, have a treasure trove of memories we can open. We bank on these memories and feel the connections made before. We can get in touch with them again.

        Our young have not made much memories yet. They now have to rely on social media in building relationships. And we, adults, all know how manufactured social media lives are. Yet, we still at times succumb to envying other people's perfect lives. How much more our youth? Those who are still just out of the gates?

        Social media has indeed played a big role in the feeling of loneliness. Yes, you got a lot of friends "out there," But have you really made a connection?