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What is your greatest challenge with studying online?

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  • What is your greatest challenge with studying online?

    I have always been a believer of brick and mortar schools. However, times have changed. Even these traditional schools have shifted to online and remote learning.

    This shift demanded that we adjust quickly. Our society obsessed with perfection expects us to successfully adjust.

    I found it interesting and challenging to study online. Interesting as it broadens my understanding of concepts, not confined in a classroom. Not confined by prescribed textbooks.

    It is challenging because I have to unlearn the way I learned for most of my life. It is also challenging as it calls on personal discipline and accountability.

    How about you? How are you finding online/remote/distance learning?

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    Motivating myself to study is still the biggest challenge. I am currently enroled to a classroom course but due to new restrictions, we might shift to online. Our teacher has talked about Zoom classes and I'm dreading it already.


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      I've always been used to traditional learning and when I tried to enroll in an online course I ended up wasting my time. The biggest challenge for me is the lack of focus. When I'm studying at home, especially at my own pace, I find my thoughts wandering to another matter or I'm cleaning up any mess I can find. When we are in a classroom setting, we can only stay inside the room and participate in the class. It is also easier to ask questions about the lesson when you study face to face.


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        I haven't tried distance learning; but from what I observe from my nephews, the challenging part for them is the lack of in-person communication. It can be less engaging at some point, especially when they struggle with a certain subject. Its a good thing we now have online forums where students can interact with each other and tutors are just one email away.