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Will Shift to Remote Teaching Be Boon or Bane for Online Learning?

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    Now that my children have started with their online classes, I can see the pros and cons. The cons would be the noise in the area. There are certainly times when the neighbors or ambulant vendors serve as distractions to the children due to their noise. However, this can be managed by moving your child's study area to a quieter space in the house. Or, you can opt for a noise-canceling headset, perhaps. I also observed that there are instances wherein the internet connection suddenly goes slow or worse, gets disconnected. Our solution was to get another provider so we have 2 ISP's plus additional data for back up.

    However, more than what was stated above, what concerns me more is the social interactions of the children. Obviously, online learning is teaching our children more about using available technology and intrapersonal communication via messaging/video apps. Why worry is if this type of home school set up takes longer, would it affect our children's face-to-face interactions? Would they still have the same level of sensitivity they have over their classmates before the pandemic happened? Would they still be able to read each other through their facial expressions, gestures, and body language without relating the to emojis?

    I am also not sure that my children are able to fully grasp their lessons. As a mom, I always go through their emails and notifications to ensure that all activities were done and I discuss it with them to ensure that they did understand their lesson. So, maybe this set up is a good way to bond with your children. But, how about those parents who are busy making a living?

    This article may help parents like me with their children's online learning:

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      I think there are advantages to it in the long run that we must accept the difficulty alot will experience for now. While it is unfortunate some may not be ready for it, it will push us all to be more effective and efficient in the time we spend online and the way teaching is done universally. It will further allow us to evolve with the change of the times across all ages as the whole of the academe will be affected by this. I just hope the majority of us will be more considerate and kind as we all adjust together in the necessary changes of the times.


      • Indelible_Mark
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        I agree with the push. Populations have been moved out of its collective comfort zones and these inequities would be just one more among many. I'm optimistic though that even third-world countries will rally (later rather than sooner) and catch up with the rest of the digital world. Norway has since recognized 'access to the internet' as a 'human right'!

      • JerryYan
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        True. We have hope that that will be adopted by developing countries. It's high time for us all too to reevaluate the resources we should make available to everyone considering all the changes and advancement the world is going through and how those things enable us daily in our education, jobs, and advancement as people.

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      At one point I was actually interested in being an online ESL teacher to the point I passed the interview and was already scheduled to handle a class or classes. What made this mode of teaching was that fast-paced environment. Each student or class is for 25 minutes max then move on to the next student every day. It made me feel like a jukebox that plays a music for one person at a time that I did not feel comfortable with. Maybe a long-term teaching job is what suits my personality or mood.


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        I agree totally KDI..these online learning platforms only work for those who have internet access and computers...I run an afterschool programme for children at risk and less than 20% have any access at all! RIght now they are just sitting at home learning almost nothing...very sad ,,, and for those of us to do have access maybe I am just old school but nothing can replace my college learing experience of living with persons from 4 different countries and interacting face to face on a daily basis. I still hope we get back to some of our old ways of school and college....


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          Agree kimbella. Being immersed in a diversified setting and interacting with different people on a daily basis is the best learning experience. We share the same hope

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          Yeah, I am with you in hoping that we get back some of our old ways of school. It is nice we are learning something new. But having some of the old ways are not bad especially since we learn not just academics there, but people and life skills too.

        • mjmnl
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          I agree! Up until now, I value the life skills I gained from school together with the theoretical learnings. They go hand in hand. Academics is important especially if you're a professional or you're on a career path where you specialize in something. But without the basic life skills that we learn when we encounter problems or deal with other people, I don't think it will be as useful. Wishing we'll get back to the normal days too!