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    Instead of attending a 4 year college, I chose to go to ICI and get a degree in finance. I am not the CFO of a Fortune 1000 company and have never had to deal with the burden of student debt. I really believe this is the future of education.

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    Great for you mate!


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      Yeah me too. Banks are too greedy and irresponsible to be allowed to play with the futures of young guys.

      2008 noises in the background.

      Funny how the US spent billions to bail out its banks but cant spend a few $$ on universal healthcare!


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        I don't get it. What's it got to do with student loans? I know a lot of people are crippled by their student loans.

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      Its gonna happen again...Dow Jones is crashing, as is the dollar. But I agree with you here...Katie Porter stuck it really deep up the bottom of Big Pharma.
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        A good idea is to become an outsourced CFO for a group of companies. It's great a great idea for bookkeeping graduates. It's something that would appeal to those companies that can't afford or don't need a full-time CFO but could do with this support so that the finance and accounting aspects of a business are all taken care of an expert contractor.


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          An example of an outsourced CFO service provider:

          You could be taking care of bookkeeping and liaising with the accountant so the business owner can concentrate on growing the business.


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            stan Not forgetting that actually get involved in the decision making process as well, if you provide good enough forecasts!


            • stan
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              I absolutely agree! it is a must.

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            It's really great that we have better options nowadays. Student loans are a pain. Distance learning has opened a lot of opportunities. For one, you are able to learn and upskill using your extra time and you are still able to make money. You don't even have to worry about getting late to class as you are in control of your study time. The flexibility that online learning offers is just amazing.

            Since we are in the digital age, why not make the most out of it? Also, more companies are looking into ways on how to shift to work from home arrangements. This gives you an advantage as you already have the experience of learning online which means you have experienced online technology, to say the least.

            Due to this recent pandemic, people are leaning more online. This means more opportunities for online business and technologies, including education.


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              I'd have to agree that the way things are taught now has greatly changed. Online distance learning is quickly becoming the way that people are looking up to for career change or for a career. Even kids now have to adapt to learning online because of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic that is not clearly going away any time soon. ICI as a good choice of courses to take and find a job such as working from home for example.


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                Good point on not being burdened with student loans especially now.

                With the current events, online learning is really on the rise. It's great to start now as online schools offer competitive prices on their courses. The courses are also similar to what's offered in other colleges, except you do not have the practical side. I really like that we are in charge of our own time, which means we could be productive while in quarantine by completing our course. By the time we go back to work, we have a new qualification under our belts.


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                  Great choice going for distance learning. Although, we may argue that opting for a college degree is still a different experience and qualification. However, you have to weigh your options and choose what will benefit you the most. If you learn best through practical lessons, then you're more suitable to go to a physical college. But since the pandemic has started, more and more people have shifted to online education. That even those people who learn through practice have also developed the skills needed to thrive in online learning. Then if that is possible, then maybe distance learning is the best choice, right? You learn the same lessons with just a fraction of the price.


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                    With the pandemic, online learning is indeed the future of education. In this time and age, this is the smart choice in improving your skills. The entirety of learning is in your hands as long as you have access to the internet. Also, recent studies found that retention rates are higher through online education due to the fact that it offers flexibility, so studying will less likely clash with your other commitments. Learning online is also a great preparation for the changing workforce. As technology advances, becoming adept at technology is a good way to not miss out on any new upgrades or platforms for online conferences, or aggregating information; skills you'll likely need in the future.

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                      That's a nice take. Online learning will definitely have a bigger impact on our future. We now have a wider resource to learn and develop skills of our chosen fields now that we are all forced to adapt to virtual learning and connecting. Now that most of us will have the same experience, more will understand the joys of it and, hopefully, be encouraged to do the same.