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I Couldn't Afford Tuition Fees for Professional Medical Studies...

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  • I Couldn't Afford Tuition Fees for Professional Medical Studies...

    I majored in Biology at college. I wanted to become a doctor and obtain my specialization degree. Guess what, the tuition fees were sky-high. I was repeatedly advised to not give up on my dreams, but I thought enough was enough.

    I switched field, chose finance, and now am training to become a Chartered Accountant (CPA). If all goes well, I will be eligible to land an executive-level job after I obtain my certificate and get some mileage under my belt.

    See y'all when I have a corner office overlooking the Hudson😉 (hahahaha)!

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    Helluva ride brother! Was it comfortable switching to finance?

    Were there any particular difficulties that you'd like to share?


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      Actually, it went rather smooth, the transition! I feared there'd be a lot of math, but as it turned out, maths was only a small portion of the bigger pie. Basic school-level math is enough to provide a berth for the take-off!
      I struggled with integration and differentiation, but it was only two/three chapters in statistics class. Nothing deep.

      The thing with finance is, its usually the four arithmetic functions i.e. +, -, *, /. The actual thing is calculations of depreciation, inventory, borrowing costs etc. and placing the right amounts in the right accounts. Debits and Credits can also prove to be proper itch in the back-side if you are not properly familiar with the concepts!


      • LifelongLearner
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        That is a great story! Well done!

      • kdy
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        I remember the "Sunscreen" speech by Baz Luhrmann - Our choices are half choice and half chance. I'm really happy that the adjustment was not that difficult for you. I hope you get that certificate and executive-level job soon.

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      whats your story boy LifelongLearner?

      You got me all curious


      • Big_Fat_Panda
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        Rule No.1 of the internet: Never disclose any personal info.

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      I too switched over from medical field to executive. I majored in medical laboratory science in college (not my choice). Tuition fees and other laboratory expenses cost a fortune, and that's not an overstatement. I went overdrive to not waste a dime on my school expenses, lost a lot of weight because I hardly get some sleep. Then I realized it was all blood, sweat and tears because its not what I want to do.
      Switching majors is very common these days, but its something that should not be taken lightly.

      I'm glad to hear that the transition went smoothly for you.
      Enjoy and best of luck on landing an executive-level job soon


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        Sometimes, what we want is not really what we need. I admire you for bravely moving forward. Good skills and enjoy the ride!


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          Congratulations on making it better on switching fields! I imagine it was nerve wrecking being unsure at the start. Glad it worked out well for you. Goodluck on your certification!


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            I completed a degree in Business Administration but never worked a single day at a bank or any job business related. I found my "joy" in customer support and fast forward to 2020 still enjoying CSR work rather than the risks of working in a bank or instability of working for big businesses (I think).


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              I think it is completely normal for us to change our paths throughout our careers. I remember being so pressured during my teenage years on what I would take up for my bachelor's degree. And now, even after graduating, I was not able to practice that specialty because I found something I liked doing more.

              You did a great job with your switch. As long as you enjoy and make a living out of your current path, then why not? But I hope one day you could find the courage to pursue med if becoming a doctor is really your dream. You got this!!