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How does the ICI work?

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  • How does the ICI work?

    I've heard quite a few good things about the whole ICI program. I've checked the website and visited the course plan. I am still not sure about how I'm supposed to attend the virtual classes and how I will be assessed once the course is complete. And honestly, it is the only thing holding me back!

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    Copy pasted from the website:

    ICI is committed to the successful completion of your course. The typical ICI student experience goes like this:
    1. The Enrollment Process
    2. Begin Your Studies
    3. Getting Help When You Need It
    4. Getting Assessed
    5. Graduation
    The Enrollment Process
    Select the course that interests you. The International Career Institute website offers course overviews, course outlines, course fees, student testimonials, and information on career services for graduates.
    When you are ready to enroll in a program, simply complete the online enrollment form, or call our toll-free number to speak with an enrollment adviser.
    Begin Your Studies
    On enrollment students receive a welcome email and letter with instructions on how to login into your course and access your course and tutorial support. You will not be required to purchase any further materials. Courses are divided into modules with assessments located at the end of these modules. Assessments (written assignments) are based on what you have been learning about. No exams are involved.
    Study at your own pace
    One of the many great benefits of our courses is their modular format creates an easier and more effective way for you to learn. And with no need to follow a fixed timetable, you get to study and submit assignment for each module at your own pace.
    Getting Help When You Need It
    Your courses are designed so that you can study independently. However, if you have a question about anything in your course, just contact one of our industry based tutors. Contact details are provided in your welcome email and letter. Your tutors are industry professionals who are ready to answer any questions about the course, assessments and industry for which you are training for.
    Get Assessed
    At the end of modules you are asked to complete assignments. With no fixed assessment dates ICI students can submit their assessments at any time. This allows students to progress through the course at a pace that suits their needs. Assignments can be submitted via the student portal or email directly to the tutor.


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      Great. Thanks very much. I was looking everywhere for something like this, but couldn't find any. Kudos

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    Get registered, take classes, appear in exams, get certified and that bloody it mate...! Chill scene! No gettin up early, no hassle, no transportation fees, no campus/hostel fees, no crowded commutes! You are your own boss


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      You made it sound it much easier than the other guy!

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    As listed on the ICI website, this is how its supposed to work. Hope this helps

    Distance learning gives you the freedom to study at a time that suits you. You have the advantage of being able to study from home or work from any location. After receiving your course study materials and assessments you will notice that your study materials are divided into a series of modules representing different subject areas. At the end of certain modules you will be assessed via project based or written assessment tasks. You are able to submit assessments via email or mail to your tutor who will mark and return your submission. The process is repeated until you have completed all the assessment tasks.


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      Speaking from a graduates point of view I received a welcome letter in the mail and a welcome email shortly after enrolling. All course login details and instructions were contained within these communications. The tutor supports you through any questions and marks your assignment submission. On the whole a very straight forward and streamlined learning process. On the other hand the university I studied at in the past was a headache! Instead of waiting 1 week for assignment marks I would water 1 month and the online learning management system at the university was confusing. ICI uses a very simple LMS that anyone would understand how to navigate and get through.


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        Originally posted by IamtheAdmin View Post
        I've heard quite a few good things about the whole ICI program. I've checked the website and visited the course plan. I am still not sure about how I'm supposed to attend the virtual classes and how I will be assessed once the course is complete. And honestly, it is the only thing holding me back!
        It's been awhile since you posted this. Were you able to enrol?

        If you have enrolled, the log in details sent to you gives you access to all your lessons and assessments. You'll be able to work at your own pace. If you got questions about your course work, the tutorial team's contact details are in your welcome letter and on the main page of your course.


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          For me it was a simple process of completing the online enrolment form and being emailed and mailed the welcome letter with my login details. I started my course within a day of enrolling and the tutors are one email away. Always quick to enroll! All in all a very straight forward process that I think anyone could follow.


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            It's quite easy with ICI. Simply enroll via their website. Within 24 to 48 hours upon enrollment, you will receive your Welcome Letter via email. If you enrolled over the weekend, you may have to wait until Monday to receive your Welcome Letter as they are closed during weekends. Your Welcome Letter contains all the details you need to start with your course including your username, password, etc.

            They offer self-led courses, so once you are able to log in, you can start with your studies anytime. You can also email your tutor in case you have questions regarding your course or assessments.