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What should I go for: Hospitality Management or Wedding Planner?

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  • What should I go for: Hospitality Management or Wedding Planner?

    I'm a bit confused!

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    per some internet searches, hospitality managers are responsible for overseeing the day to day running of hotels, resorts, restaurants etc.

    wedding planner, it says in the name dude!!!


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      Why not do both? Freelance out as a wedding planner and make hospitality your main gig! That's kind of the beauty of being able to take courses like this -- you're really not limited to a single line of education. You could take all of the courses if you wanted to. Dream big, cuz, do it all!


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        I agree. And then after you graduate, you can have your work at the hotel as your main source of income, and be a wedding planner on the sides. Besides, a wedding planning gig is not always available, but if it's your hobby or passion it will be a great side line

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      Do both as they can overlap with each other and bring in additional gigs, business opportunities or employment possibilities.


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        If I have enough resources, I'd do both. With the emergence of distance learning, you can finish both of these courses in your own pace while enjoying the comfort of your home. Do more, Learn more, Be more. 😉
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          Why not do both?
          It's a competitive world.
          The more skills you have, higher are your chances of scoring a good opportunity.


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            I was about to suggest to do both just like most people. Some hotels offer wedding packages so a collaboration with the hotel might also be possible. Being in the hospitality industry may also give you the connections you need for your wedding planning business (i.e. flower suppliers, catering, etc.).

            Good luck!


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              If you have enough resources and time, I'd say go for both! Just like everybody else has mentioned, you can make hospitality management as your main source of income and wedding planning on the side. Online learning gives you the pleasure of studying at the pleasure of your own home, time, and choice. You are not limited to a single choice. You are able to make multiple choices. You can take advantage of it and use it to improve on your craft. 👍