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    I can relate to how you feel. I get very nervous during interviews. An interview for your first job is very different from when you're applying for a promotion. I'll share what I did when I was trying to land my first job:

    1. I asked my cousin, who has work experience, for a practice interview. She asked me common questions that interviewers asked and coached me on how to answer in a more professional/serious manner (she told me I giggled a lot when I was nervous). She also taught me how to answer questions that I found were a bit difficult. I find I had difficulty expressing myself verbally so practicing answering questions out loud helped boost my confidence.
    2. I read about the companies that I was applying for. This really helped when questions like, "Why are you applying with us instead of *insert other company's name*?" came up. Just look for 1-2 things the company has put on their website (i.e. one of the top companies in the country, awards they've received, etc.) or you can google it. The interviewer will appreciate the research you've done.
    3. Get a good night's sleep. Being alert and attentive during the interview is a must.
    4. Leave early. Give allowance for unexpected traffic or road emergencies. The extra time before the interview will also give you time to freshen up and review some points you think would come up. Even a bit of time to freshen up helps to calm the nerves.
    5. Know what your strengths are and be confident (or at least appear confident; I always had people tell me to fake it until I make it).

    Anyway, I hope this helps and good luck with your interview.


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      I also had problems expressing myself verbally especially during my first few interviews. For my internship, I went to a number of interviews just to prepare for my dream company. Haha! This may be annoying for the recruiters but I wanted to have a first-hand practice since it was really the first time for me to attend formal interviews 🤣It may be a waste of time and money since I have to commute back and forth but I think it was worth it. I was confident enough when I went for my interview in my dream company and I got the internship. Yay! But of course, after that experience, I just did the same thing in your list and it worked just fine 👌🏻
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      mjmnl I was told of the same advice years ago. Someone told me to attend as many interviews from different companies as a preparation for my target company. I wasn't confident with my interview skills and would definitely use the practice. However, I was living on my own and still learning how to effectively manage my time and financials, and doing so would be time and money consuming. Now I realized this is a common practice and I wonder how the HR managers think of this.
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    I recently found this video while browsing through youtube. An old video but with timeless tips and tricks that would help you out during your interview. I believe it sums up all the important things that you need to prepare for. Can't believe I didn't check this out before. It's very informative and includes practical advice from the preparation up to the post-interview. All of this information shared in a span of 5 minutes.

    As mentioned in this video, I also believe that sending appreciation email to the company or hiring manager is important. It also serves as a follow-up and may also increase your chances to get the job. You'll never know, right? Sharing this link also for a sample thank you email for your hiring managers:


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      Sending appreciation back is precious and very rare. It will certainly be appreciated even if it will take months before that same interviewer sees that thank you given the normal work load. It sends that positive vibe forward and who might even be a good signal for a call-back.

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    We are obviously still in a pandemic but most countries have gotten back to normal business processes including face-to-face interviews. Questions during your interview will definitely have covid related ones. Here is a good article that contains questions that you could prepare for before your interview day:

    I find this article helpful and it also includes things you may ask the company on how they handled their workforce during the pandemic and especially during the lockdown.