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International Career Institute reputation amongst employers?

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  • International Career Institute reputation amongst employers?

    What accreditations does the institute have? Are the courses good enough? Are the tutors good enough? Does the certificate enhance your chances at getting a job or not? If someone could guide me, I'd be pretty thankful!

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    Based on all these reviews, all I can say is that the ICI is legitness itself


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    TBH, anything thats not brick and mortar sounds pretty dodgy to me


    • Click_Here
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      Grow up Lee Oswald. You're still stuck in the bronze age

    • GladysMae
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      Perfectly understandable. It takes time to transition "beliefs" from traditional "brick and mortar" schools to online learning. We may all need to fast track the transition though as more schools are moving to blended and online learning, especially with this pandemic. Let's all keep an open mind. After all, the only thing constant is change.

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    Courses are good. I've only taken a couple classes to date but there's valuable insight that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.


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      Jeff Epstein askin the real questions around here


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        Are they endorsed by any industry bodies? I would be grateful for any information


        • John Wick
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          They're endorsed by a number of internationally recognised institutions. Stop spreading BS Karen.

        • Big_Fat_Panda
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          Iamoffended As John Wick said, the ICI is endorsed by quite a handful of authorities. You can check their website for details. BTW John Wick Since when did asking a genuine question become BS? She has doubts, let her be satisfied dude!

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        Yes ICI is legitimate. They have been around for 13 years. I am a graduate from the class of 2015. Everything was as promised and I enjoyed the learning experience and support of my tutors. I have seen many other schools come and go in that time.
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          stan I trained as a secretary with the ICI as well. Now I work for a local business (8-hour shift) and also offer my services online as a Virtual Assistant. Livin the dream!
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        I see that they are a member of the Australian Society of Horticulture.

        As the web site says courses are written and tutored by industry leaders/professionals. What does it mean?


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          Along with all the other answers, you can see their list of accreditations on their website. All of these accreditations can also be cross referenced with each of the accrediting agencies. For example: lists ICI on their website as one of their accredited institutions. (Holy canoli that's got to a record for usage of the word "accreditation!")

          The main point being, do a little digging if you're not sold. Accreditation claims are easy to prove and will break down quickly under scrutiny if they're not legit.


          • Steve_54_GB
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            They are also accredited by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC)

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          From the experiences I had with them, they delivered what was promised and always responded promptly. I would be happy to vouch for them as so do other graduates by the looks of it

          Ultimately I learnt new skills and gave me the confidence I needed. I, in particular, want to thank my tutor Kamille for her patience and support during my studies. I asked many questions and she helped me with the requests for assistance when I got stuck with some of my assignments. I was not alone and gave me the encouragement and support I needed to get me through my assignments.

          Best of all was that my employer paid for the course. I have worked with them for 5 years and asked if they could fund my frontline management studies. They obliged. So I received additional training and a qualification thanks to my employer. I highly recommend everyone first asking their employer for course funding. The worst they could say is no. It demonstrates to them a seriousness to learn and grow further so its a win-win and helps with their retention of staff as far as the HR department is concerned.


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            International Career Institute's Director of Student Services was quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine a few days ago:

            The magazine happens to be one of the most respect publications carrying news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. The magazine was first published in 1977.
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