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  • International Career Institute - Thoughts?

    The legitimacy of distance learning has well and truly become mainstream. From humble begging's three centuries ago today we find ourselves with most schools offering distance learning programs. At this very moment due to the pandemic, even on-campus students have become distance learning students.

    How does fit into this picture? What are its contributions to the field of distance learning and how long have they been operating for?
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    I am a graduate of the ICI Import Export program (class 2017). The program was completely online and I was able to complete my studies in about 8 months time.

    In general terms, I believe their course catalogue has one of the widest range of programs in comparison to other distance learning providers and they have been around for around 13 years.


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      Hey guys. Here are some thoughts from actual ICI students:

      Hope it helps 😀


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        Another happy student I just found after doing a search


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          From what I can see they are one of the early starters in distance learning / online learning.

          Trade Mark registration:


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          According to the Queensland Government, they are offering subsidies to retiree's under the Seniors Card program the QLD government operates:

          Similarly, the Government of Western Australia confirms that the International Career Institute provides its residence with similar such assistance also:


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            Check out ICI's website for their affiliations, memberships, recognitions, and accreditations here: You can easily verify these accreditations, recognitions, memberships, and affiliations by doing a Google search 😉


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              Memberships and affiliations doesn't count, the big factor is the accreditation (IAPCC and IARC)
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                True these are the most important. But at the same time, I would say memberships and industry affiliations are relevant also (in a secondary place) as they are markers of industry participation and relevance as well as pathways for student membership in some cases where industry bodies offer such a category of membership.

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              But IAPCC and IARC are not a state or a government recognized accrediting organizations. They're independent non-profit private organizations and they have their own framework and benchmarks.
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                They are listed under the partner section as a member of the International Association of Counselling ( IAC is a United Nations NGO.