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What do you think is the best course of action: Choosing a degree program or diploma?

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    Both are good but degree broadens your scope better than the diploma. On the other hand check your financial status to suit what's best.


    • JerryYan
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      This is true Decide based on the scope and scale..and that too depends on the industry you will want to participate in. A degree will take time and it can be time well-spent too! On the other hand, taking a career course can be a great jump-off point that will allow work experience to develop even as you invest in a degree a year or two down the road.

    • Kamille
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      I agree Alex_Ivanovski. It all depends on the career goal. However, with this pandemic, I wouldn't risk incurring thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that will not assuredly get me a job in this economic climate. Nowadays, a great skill set will net more opportunities for income than a simple degree.
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    • mjmnl
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      The pandemic has made us rethink all our decisions in life. For now, our goal is just to survive and continue to be healthy. And because of the pandemic, we're uptight when it comes to our finances. A lot of people have lost their jobs. It's always smart to check your financial status before divulging into something especially if it may affect your life in the future. For some, they get the diploma or certificate, earn money and experience then take the degree afterwards. It's never too late for formal studies.

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    I believe it depends on what industry you are trying to aim for. If you aspire to be in the health industry, most likely than not, you need to get a license for you to get a job. In this case, a degree is most appropriate. However, if you aim for unregulated industries such as photography, floristry, horticulture, or other unregulated industries, I would recommend a Diploma. Distance learning gives you an advantage not only because the course fee is much cheaper compared to universities, but you can also work and make some money while studying. There is no need to compromise your daily tasks and activities.