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What is better: Criminology or Criminal Psychology?

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  • What is better: Criminology or Criminal Psychology?

    Here's the actual discussion.

    I think criminology is better. Criminal psychology is simply a sub-genre that has been elevated to the level of a proper subject imo ๐Ÿ˜ถ

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    What? You out your mind? Criminal psychology is a subject proper. It aint no subgenre. Have you seen Mind Hunter?

    Criminals and psychos work on a different wavelength and their psychology is as complex as anybody else's. This is a recognised fact the world over!


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      Agreed. But my point was, when you study Criminology, you'll get a handsome understanding of criminal psychology anyways. Criminology is much more practical as well!


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        Bro look. I get it that you want a decent wage job. But lemme get this straight...there's this thing called self-lessness and doing what you love doing. Some people are really deep into psychology. Why are you trying to deter them??
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          Who th said I was trynna deter anybody?


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            Looked like you were Big_Fat_Panda, to be honest!๐Ÿ˜‚


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              Sorry if it felt like it!


              Here's what I understood after reading this:
              Criminal psychologists work closely with convicts and prisoners to help them reform, and can also find jobs as advisers to law-enforcement agencies.
              Criminology, on the other hand, is more about the philosophy of crime. Finding patterns in the actions of fugitives and serial criminals, that sort of stuff!

              Its your decision in the end, not mine๐Ÿ˜Š. If you wanna listen to the advice of a random dude on the internet, you better think again!
              My take on this is that, do your own research, find what suits YOU best!


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                Do they teach ballistics in criminology? I've always been impressed by ballistics experts.


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         too! The way they show em in movies like tracing snipers and stuff, really captures your imagination innit?

                  I read somewhere that, elite snipers (Marines, SAS, SEALs etc) even count the spin of the earth before taking aim for distances over 1000m! Its called the Coriolis effect!

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                  I think ballistics is covered under Forensics however, you can also be a ballistics expert if you gain experience in criminal justice or any related field.

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                I dont think they do actually. It might be a short course or something integrated into the subject, but I dont think it'd be anything serious.
                It might fall in the scope of Forensic Sciences! It is also taught at the ICI. Might as well give it a look while you're at it.