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  • Resources about education options

    I ran across this article and thought it might be of interest to folks here. It cites a report by Skilling Australia that you have to enter info to download, but it might be worth it.

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    LifelongLearner I'm too lazy to do that. Couldn't you sort of summarise the contents so that all of us can get a peek at it. Thanks in advance!


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      Ha! I'm not going to subscribe either. But I found this article instead:

      The gist of this one is that it may make more sense to get a job in the field you ultimately want to work in before furthering your education. Once you know what you want to do with your career, then you use vocational programs and programs like the ones offered by ICI to add value to your experience.


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        I agree with you! Vocational programs designed to provide technical skills specific to a profession. They are usually relevant in the day to day execution of tasks. While at university it is an academic level of study which tend to be less associated with day to day operations and tasks.


        • Rchou89
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          I always felt that college wasn't as much about learning to do as it was about learning how to learn. Traditional academia is just that -- academia. And while it's important to know how to learn and keep learning, I always appreciated the courses that focused more on "doing."

        • kdy
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          I have worked with both graduates and undergraduates. And based on experience, when it comes to work, both are just entry level, and both would have to unlearn, learn or relearn. Everyone then starts from scratch. A good training that is specific to what is significant to the actual work itself would serve as a very good foundation.

          However, it all depends to your choice of career path. There are careers that would require one to go the university.

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        Many universities offer free short courses which I think would compliment anyone's CV or existing studies very well. A few examples include:


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          Lifehack presents a whopping 25 sites that provide free online education. It's worth a read if you have the time.


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            Another two great ones. They are all short courses leading to non-formal education but great short courses to take and broader your skills and knowledge

            MIT Open Courseware

            Future Learn


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              Thank you for sharing!


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                Another nice one is the Khan Academy:


                • Lou
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                  My daughters who are in high school are both using khan academy. They use it as a reviewer or when there are topics that they don't understand, especially Math. My eldest said khan academy tries to explain things in simpler terms which makes it easier for them to understand.

                  Plus it's free and accessible 😊😊😊

                • Skye
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                  Thank you for this link. I signed up my two kids. They are gonna be surprised when they wake up.