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    i have to write an essay on the psychological approch to crime, i am not sure what that really means, any sughestions on how i can start on that?

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    Hi, kodi. If this is for your assessment, please reach out to your tutor. The tutorial team's contact details are on the welcome letter/email that was sent to you. Good luck with your studies!


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      I agree with GladysMae. You can also try to define psychology and crime first, in their most basic senses. Like, psychology is the study of human behavior, attitude, and all its nitty gritty while crime is the violation of law. Combining both, you can get something like an answer for "How does the study of human behavior relate to crime?"


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        Hi kodi You may also use the internet for your online research to help you gain more ideas about this topic. Good luck!
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          Use Grammarly, it is a huge help in writing essays!


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            Google is your friend, mate. Just make sure you state your references to avoid plagiarism. Good luck!

            I'm not an expert by I've read a few crime novels and watched CSI when I was younger and this might have to do with a criminal's mind work, maybe.


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              When writing an essay, it also helps to make it brief but also loaded with information that is asked for. Unless there is a minimum word required. Read all the source documents first including your modules, online searches, and research papers. You'll definitely answer it with ease after that. Good luck!