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How do you buy goods in foreign online stores?

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  • How do you buy goods in foreign online stores?

    How do you buy goods in foreign online stores? I can't figure out how to buy a product on a European site.

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    I love online shopping because it always gives me more options and helps me get exclusive items at a lower price. I use different online stores in Europe and the USA, but not all of them offer a really convenient and profitable delivery service. I recently found information on the internet that one of the best shipping companies has started delivering goods to Australia as well. Here is more information about the tariffs and conditions of this transportation company. I have already used their services several times and it works really well at an affordable price.


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      I only tried to buy in Alibaba and it was hassle-free because I chose to have a freight forwarder specializing in orders from Alibaba. I got to save money, time, and effort. The fee included in Alibaba's website is really high so I was able to save a lot. Worldwide shipping fees on other online websites are really expensive. I suggest you research freight forwarders in your country, join forums, or join Facebook groups. Those were really helpful when I first had my orders imported from abroad. Good luck!


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        I sometimes buy stuff from Amazon and shipping parcels to Asia costs a fortune. Someone recommended a PO box where Amazon can ship my items, and then have those items shipped to my address. I usually have multiple items shipped in one go, and it saves me a lot of money. I hope this helps! Happy online shopping!