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  • Any advice on this?

    I recently read an article about how excess weight is harmful to animals and that owners should take better care of their pets' nutrition. But I can't find instructions anywhere on how to feed my Irish setter to keep him healthy, not hungry, or gain weight. Any advice on this?

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    As far as I know, sterilized and elderly pets tend to gain weight, but even if your dog is young, has long walks and active play, you still need to take care of dog's diet. Each pet owner needs to correctly calculate daily food portion for the pet, taking into account its age, weight and activity. Here on is detailed information on how to correctly calculate the amount of food for your dog, taking into account all his personal characteristics. I think that you can easily find the required values ​​in this table and make calculations, taking into account the living conditions of your pet.
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      I agree with Bioren that their age, weight, and exercise matter in calculating the right amount of nutrition your dog's needs. Irish setters are known to have great amount of energy and it is best to provide enough exercise to keep your dog healthy. What kind of diet does he have? Is he on raw diet or dry food? I found this article for Irish Setters that can be helpful for your and your dog. However, I think the best first step to take is have a veterinarian assess your dog's body and health condition.