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Questions, Concerns, Complaints about Distance Learning Providers

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  • Questions, Concerns, Complaints about Distance Learning Providers

    Questions, Concerns, Complaints about Distance Learning Providers. We would love to learn and grow from your feedback. Share your stories.

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    I have never had experience with them but this news article regarding Shaw Academy makes certain predatory allegations about this provider in the UK: I am not sure if it is true or not as I have never had any dealings with them.


    • sammie83
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      Aggressive marketing tactics are never a promising sign of genuineness.

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    According to the Sydney Morning Herald, some universities in Australia are about to increase student fee's by up to 113%: while others are to be reduced by over half.


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      Call me stuck in the Stone Age, but it takes awhile for me to get sold on enrolling with a non-traditional school. I feel like I will be scammed as there is no "real person" I will be dealing with. But I am slowly, like a turtle, opening up to this new mode of learning. Jyst need to be careful to stay away from fake schools.


      • Kamille
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        I agree. I'm still a bit skeptical in enrolling online as scams are more rampant now that the economy has dropped significantly since the pandemic. Its better to do a thorough research and choose only reputable schools. It is also recommended to check reviews like this one from ICI students.

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      My husband tried to enroll in an online learning platform and what I usually hear from him is the lack of time to do his studies as he is also working. I think it's what sets ICI apart from other online schools. ICI gives you the flexibility you need to be able to juggle your work and studies. Due to the pandemic, my children will be forced to do blended learning. I'm not really sure what to expect but, I think it's possible. It could get a lot of getting used to especially for the parents but it's doable.


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        Did anyone hear about the 2019 university admissions bribery scandal???

        50 people were charged for conspiring to get their kids into elite universities through bribery and cheating. Some of those caught included the rich and famous in the United States.

        Schools involved included Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Southern California, Los Angeles and the University of Texas.

        It's a fascinating read: Some parents paid up to USD $500.000 to get their children admitted.


        • Lou
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          Oh, I've read about it somewhere. I think it involves Hollywood moms who want their children to join an ivy league school.I'm not sure though if the school's administration are actually involved in the feat. From what I know, the moms had to pay someone to take the SAT test in lieu of their children. Obviously, whoever is administering the test knew about it.