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    The effect of this pandemic is quite disheartening and frustrating, so to speak. It has affected so many lives all over the globe. The saddest part for me is the people taking advantage of the situation. There are some people out there who are making money by scamming people especially online.

    I believe this is why Alex_Ivanovski is asking all those questions. I can't blame him. We all earn our money using our blood and sweat and every penny counts especially during this time of the pandemic.

    Nowadays, there are a lot of industries that are not regulated. With these non-regulated industries, the qualifications to start working depends on the employer. In some cases, experience is all you need to get into the industry. However, if you have a Diploma that is related to the industry together with your skills and experience, these give you an edge over the others.

    My suggestion is, try to research more. Not all accusations on the internet are true. There are times when these accusations are deliberately created to destroy someone's reputation just because those who are accusing are being unreasonable. It's best to gauge their authenticity by comparing feedback from various sources. You can also check their accreditations. Call the accrediting bodies and verify as much as you can. You may also check other places on the net for any forums, threads, or whatnot. If you know a friend who has taken up a course at this certain school, ask for their feedback.

    It's better to spend some time looking for the right distance learning school than end up regretting your decision just because you can't be bothered to do a bit of research. Also, if you are not ready to do research, then you may need to think twice if you are really ready to do online learning.


    • Kamille
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      I agree. Reading through webpages, forums and reviews for the right school that is credible and is suitable for you and your needs is the first step of learning online. Also, its not just our money on the line, we are also investing our precious time, education and our future employment/career. I think that is worth the extra hours spent on researching.

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    Students are so used to the "spoon feeding" they get from actual classroom or face to face classes that despite setting proper expectations some still treat online distance learning like traditional. On the other hand there is also some institutions or teachers who have no sense of time management or PR towards students who end up getting irate for getting delayed or no feedback at all.


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      We are the impatient generation where expect everything in an instant.


      • Gerhard
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        From lining up at Starbucks to school, we think things can be done with a click.

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      how long does it take after u pay ur first instalment to recieve ur course materials?


      • GladysMae
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        Login details are sent within 24-48 business hours from the time of enrollment. This will be sent to the email address the student gives at the time of enrollment.

        If you do not see the email with your login details in your inbox, please check your spam folder as it is sometimes recognized as unsolicited email.

        If you have not received the email at all, please get in touch with the Student Services team by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the branch's website.
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