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Learning Photo-Editing Could Boost Your Chances As a Professional Photographer!

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  • Learning Photo-Editing Could Boost Your Chances As a Professional Photographer!

    I've been carrying out my own little research on this. I think photographers who know a thing or two about in-design are better put than regular ones.

    Editing really enhances a normal photograph and works to add a whole new dimension to the original. Marketing effectiveness of a product can also be enhanced by using various effects to make it more appealing
    The monetary benefits are huge as well. You don't need to pay professional photo-editors a dime. You can DIY and get stuff done according to your own needs! No need to pay hefty amounts to get your pictures trimmed to the standards you desire!

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    Tanks for the suggestion. Would definitely try my hand at it. I'm ducking tired of having to pay to get stuff done. An even bigger problem is when the so-called 'expert' doesn't listen to your advice and goes about business how he thinks would suit the image. Boils my blood really.


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      Not a bad idea mate. Didn't exactly think of that tbh...


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        Originally posted by Hakuna_Matata View Post
        Tanks for the suggestion. Would definitely try my hand at it. I'm ducking tired of having to pay to get stuff done. An even bigger problem is when the so-called 'expert' doesn't listen to your advice and goes about business how he thinks would suit the image. Boils my blood really.
        I agree that there are instances when the "expert" does not listen to the photographer's advice. It's your vision, and you are paying, so they should listen. They may offer their opinion, yes, however, you as the client, should have the last say.


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          Even if you're not an aspiring photographer, learning how to edit photos can give you an advantage. This skill can come in handy with work presentations and website images. It can help you create visual cues for your website to attract more customers. You can even improve your travel photos without spending extra few dollars. Its fun and practical, and who knows? You might even hit your creative bone and will eventually help you land a new side gig.


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            Doom Guy is right. Learning photo-editing gives you an advantage over regular photographers. Nowadays, anyone can take good pictures but, it takes a skilled and creative photographer to communicate its vision to everyone looking at the photo.

            When you edit your own photos, you give it your own touch and control everything that goes and does not go in it. Instead of you paying the so-called "experts", you can do everything yourself, make your own portfolio, and earn from it in the long run.

            You can start by familiarizing yourself with free photo editing apps online. You can check the linked article to give you some ideas. This is a great time to start and learn a new skill. Who knows, this could be your source of income in the future. 😍
            Free photo editors with full support for layers, masks and other advanced image editing tools.


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              I agree. It's not only about having the best camera and knowing the right angles/lighting, a good photographer would take the time to learn to edit and enhance photos. There are a lot of smartphones with great cameras and filters available now. Almost anyone can call themselves a photographer these days, even those without a DSLR.

              This guy showed that you could have a great photo even using a 5MP phone camera, it all just comes down to editing and enhancing it. You can check out his blog for the post-production where he described how he edited the photo:


              I personally like the original shot however, the post-production photo is definitely more dramatic.


              • kdy
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                I feel so old When I was still into photography, we didn't do edits. To create the effect we wanted, we have to be careful with how fast we should set the shutter or how wide the eye opening is. It is that basic. I guess I have to do a lot of new learning to catch up : D

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              I also believe that learning post-production will benefit you greatly. I have seen video tutorials of professional photographers, and some of them recommend using smartphones in taking pictures. There are a lot of smartphones that almost has the same features as a DSLR. However, they have noted that post-production or the way you edit the pictures matter as much as the way you take the photograph especially if you are just starting.

              Adobe carries numbers of programs for photographers and I have found lightroom as one of the easiest programs to operate for beginners.
              Here is a link on how to use the program for beginners:


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                Here is a blog offering a few books to further understand your camera better


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                  Post-processing in photography is very important as who calls the shots in how it should be done. Learning it on your own and choosing to DIY will give you an advantage to decide on how the outputs could be improved. It gives you more insights as well on how to share your art through each of your photos.


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                    Willing to learn new tricks. What is the easiest app or program to use for editing? I see a lot of phone apps but they are just for small scale photos not professional photos taken by DSLR's and such.


                    • Kamille
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                      I have been using Photoshop and Filmora. I've been wanting to learn how to edit photos and this lockdown gave me so much time to do that. I found tons of easy tutorial videos on youtube. They're super easy to follow and the results are amazing. Plus, it'll be handy during the holidays for editing family photos.
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                    Yeeesssss!! You are damn right. After 2-3 youtube tutorials, I prefer doing everything by myself. From editing to choosing picture frames online, and it is always the result I need. Especially I like editing on phone, on Snapseed or PicsArt. I think today you have to know editing! I mean this is also more effective from monetary viewpoints. However, we have to be really happy that time of hard Photoshop are gone, and clients prefer more natural photos, so it is enough to know how to use presets, or do local works ar deleting some objects from the picture.
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                      I couldn't agree more on the fact that it is more effective from a monetary viewpoint. For me, who has a very small online business, learning photo editing has helped me save a lot. It takes a good picture and graphics to be able to market your product properly. Youtube has helped me a lot on this. There are also online courses that help in improving your photo editing skills.

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                    Learning to edit photos is very important skill. I know that professional software is very expensive for this, but so far I use other programs that cope great with it too. For example, there is a good image editor here On this site, I also found many other software that can be useful for a photographer, for example, a program for organizing files with photos or other images is a good tool for creating an organized portfolio.
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