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Commonly Asked Interview Questions and How to Best Answer Them

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    Since we are in a pandemic right now, there are also additional questions that the recruiter may ask you during the interview. Like how we have situational questions on a normal interview, you may also prepare answers for questions regarding the "new normal". This article ( has listed some questions that might be asked by the interviewer and the author also included the reason why it may be asked and what the hiring manager is trying to find out from your answers. You might want to add these questions in your list.


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      Thank you for this additional information mjmnl. A lot of companies switch to work from home set up and its good to have a glimpse of all the changes happening in the hiring process. I particularly find the last question helpful. How have you been spending your time? I think its good to let the hiring managers see how you are staying motivated and productive even during the pandemic. Did you try to learn something new? Upgrade your skills? Or spent some time reflecting? Might as well add this to the list of questions on this new normal.

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    Funny how the simplest part of every job interview is the hardest to justify. When the salary or pay is already on the table one should have the right mix of being gutsy to ask what he or she is worth as well as to avoid low-baller employers who love to set high expectations but under compensate. Always safer to say, "well put it this way, if you had this x number of people to feed, x number of kids to put to school, and rounded of computation of monthly expenses they will get the drift that you are not messing around.


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      That's a nice way to give them perspective. At the same time, you show them your commitment with them by giving them insight on how you want to plan your future in developing the company while maintaining work-life balance and still delivering quality outputs. It may be too much for an interview if too lengthy and detailed but still a good point.
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