Are you a career professional looking to switch to a new occupation? Are you a graduate looking to break into a field that can offer some security and purpose in life? A critical key to long-term employment is finding a future-proof job, a position that will still exist decades from now. Locating and landing that kind of career can be challenging in the modern employment environment.

Which jobs are best if you’re looking for a future-proof career? While no one can predict the future for certain, we’ve compiled eight career fields that show the most potential for sustained future growth.

What are future-proof jobs?

Future-proof jobs are careers that have a low-automation risk. Unlike positions that are becoming automated through robotization, such as bank tellers, insurance underwriters, and short-order cooks, future-proof jobs involve high levels of human interaction. These career fields require verbal and written communication, as well as nuanced and non-routine decision-making skills.

Automation will dominate some jobs in the future. However, the careers that require complex communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and interpretation of contextual signals will arise as the future-proof career fields that will stand the test of time. Here are 6 of those career fields to consider for job security and purposefulness.

6 future-proof jobs for a secure, successful career

1. Healthcare professionals

With longer life expectancy, an ageing population, and increased demand on the healthcare system, positions in the healthcare field are as future-proof as it gets. This field is expansive with careers available in nursing, as physicians’ assistants, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

The International Career Institute notes that with further advancements in medicine, particularly in pharmacy, more patients and customers will need guidance and advice. Human interaction, especially communication and interpersonal skills, are a must in medical fields. It is easy to start your career in the healthcare field through part-time or online courses for qualifications.

2. Psychologists and therapists

More attention is given to mental health wellness and issues today, and that trend will only continue. These in-demand future-proof positions are ones that a computer can’t manage as the jobs require people who are empathetic and compassionate, with excellent listening, communication and problem-solving skills.

The more science and society learn about mental health and how the brain and psyche work, the more careers in therapy and psychology will grow. Mental health is rightfully becoming a priority in people’s lives, which will cause the demand for these positions to increase.

3. Social media strategists and specialists

Influencer marketing and branding via social media will become a $15 million industry by 2022. A company or brand’s social media strategies can make or break a company, advertising campaign, or political movement. Social media strategists and specialists are future-proof careers because of their necessity to success in various forms of business.

Social media is here to stay, and the need for specialists and strategists is bound to increase. Social media specialists work to make sure companies’ online posts will grow the company mission instead of alienating their customer base. Strategists are also responsible for researching the company’s audience and posting material with little input from management.

4. Marketing, communication and design manager

Machines and computers don’t excel at creativity or critical thinking, but people do. That’s why marketing communications managers are a necessity for businesses now and in the future. Marketing, communication and design are the lifeblood of a successful business as marketing managers’ creativity and new ideas keep a company fresh and relevant.

Another branch of marketing management, digital marketing, has also grown considerably over the last decade. The focus on a complex combination of images, words, and ideas along with social intelligence and comfortability with new media makes marketing, communication, and design a must for the future of business.

5. Cybersecurity expert

With an increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks, a future-proof job that is critical to the global economy is the cybersecurity expert. Businesses are looking for the best and brightest cyber experts to protect their companies; thus, this career is popular and will increase in demand in the future.

The Global Information Security Workforce Study estimates that 1.8 million cybersecurity positions will be vacant by 2022. This field is on the rise, and with the future of business even more intertwined with digital technologies, cybersecurity expert is a future-proof career.

6. Finance and accounting

Although some parts of the financial industry, such as algorithms and compliance, are mainly automated, finance and accounting careers are still future-proof due to what computers can’t offer to customers. Most clients prefer working with accountants and finance professionals who can understand their positions and provide personalized strategies for all eventualities.

Emotional intelligence and the ability to build a rapport with clients are qualities that will always be in-demand for financial accountants. Clients need to trust their financial partners and accountants need excellent communication skills, aspects that computers cannot offer to customers.

Look to your future with a secure professional career

Although the workforce has become more automated and computerized, there are still plenty of future-proof jobs that rely on uniquely human skills. Use this opportunity to review your current career goals and reinvent yourself to better prepare for a future-proof career with purpose and security.

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